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Marlo Lynn

Old Town Tonic's lead singer, Marlo Lynn, is a self-professed late bloomer in the world of music, but that certainly doesn't mean her voice isn't powerful enough to capture your attention. Lynn was raised in the Northwest on equal parts Motown and classic country. She credits her earliest influences to Marvin Gaye, Amy Grant, Kenny Rodgers, Elvis, Randy Travis, Charlie Rich, Loretta Lynn, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston.


Lynn's energy is palpable. She's perfected a four octave balance of passion, pleasure, pain, and play. Her voice, soothing and sultry, leaves the audience wanting more. Passionate and in love with her fans, community, and band, Lynn strives to bring a fresh perspective to every performance and every song she writes. She enjoys balance in a set: a dancing audience for one song that sits back in awe for the next, always immersed in the moment's music.


Lynn has her eye on the future and is excited for what's in store. Until then, she'll continue channeling her favorite singers and songwriters: Nora Jones, Billie Joel, Sara Bareilles, Elton John, Adele, Etta James, Tristan Prettyman, Miranda Lambert, and Ellie Goulding. When she isn't singing and songwriting, you'll find Lynn getting to know her fans and community members.

Lead singer, songwriter, designated crowd energizer and chills-generator

Jim Reeder

Jim Reeder, a New Jersey-based producer and songwriter, currently lives in Anacortes, WA. Reeder owns and operates Spare Records, a business sprouted from over ten years in the music industry. His experience includes set, sound, and lighting design for bands such as Seether's One Cold Night, and numerous local and off Broadway productions. He puts these skills to work, making Old Town Tonic look and sound their best for every performance. In the studio, he's in charge of producing and recording the band's music.


However, Reeder isn't just a behind the scenes guy, he's the mustache sporting bass player who can also play guitar, drums, piano, trombone, and trumpet. Always keeping his ears open, Reeder holds a finger on the pulse of everything fresh and relevant in the music industry, keeping Old Town Tonic ahead of the game.


Reeder credits rock, heavy metal, country, and pop for his musical formation. His influencers include: Huey Lewis and the News, G & R, Metallica, Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Duran Duran, Lemonheads, Sister Hazel, DMB, Darrius Rucker, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beatles, Max Martin, Victor Wooten, and Jaco Pastorius.


When he isn't singing along to Taylor Swift, Reeder enjoys exploring new cities and spending time with good friends.

Guitar, songwriter, experienced musical producer and seeker of everything fresh

Christopher Marin

Born in Chicago, but raised in southern California, Christopher Marin is one-of-a-kind. He's been drumming for over 22 years, after deciding to teach himself the skill. Just like the other members of Old Town Tonic, Marin's musical influences are various and rich. The long list includes Sublime, Mozart, Jim Keltner, Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Danny Carey from Tool.


Marin's dedication to drumming led him to leave Los Angeles on a tour with four bands. Two and a half years ago he ended up in the Northwest. Since then, he's toured with Chamber of Echoes and played with TripMadam. In 2015, TripMadam won KISM radio's Road to Rockstar contest, further validating Marin's incredible drumming contributions to a band's sound.


When Marin isn't perfecting his drum solos, he's a full-fledged family man with a heart of gold. An incredible person with irreplaceable drumming abilities, Marin is an asset to Old Town Tonic.

Drummer. Self-taught, award-winning drummer. Enough said.

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OTT Family

Beth Allen

A musician from childhood, Elizabeth Allen began playing the piano when she was eight years old. By high school Elizabeth picked up a guitar and found a new love. She'd soak up lessons by watching experienced guitarists perform in her small town. An introvert who prefers cooler temperatures, the young Californian spent many summers holed up with her guitar writing silly lyrics and playing her favorite bands' songs.


Elizabeth took formal lessons from a family friend, Nancy Hammond, who introduced her to folk, classical, and country music. For someone who gravitates to high energy rock bands like Van Halen, Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, and Guns N' Roses, a foundation in various genres was paramount to building her skillset. She would build upon this foundation for the next 30 years, learning through practice and observation to pick up on musical subtleties and replicate them.


Over the years Elizabeth has been a part of many successful bands, most notably as the bassist for Vinyl Mandibella. She's had the incredible opportunity to learn from legendary musician Larry Wilkins of Sugarloaf. Wilkins, who played with Eric Burdon of The Animals, has been mentor to Elizabeth, teaching her and her bandmates about songwriting, arrangement, and even production.


But that's not all, the mother of six loves entertainment of all kinds. She's done theater, co-hosted television shows and radio shows. All that's left is comedy…which maybe she'll decide to conquer too.

Bassist, off-color entertainer, resourceful dreamer

Michael Allen

Michael Allen does it all: song writing, lead vocals, back-up vocals, banjos, mandolin, sitar, 12-string, but not the ukulele— in his words, "You gotta draw the line somewhere." OTT's lead guitarist brings a lively spirit to the band. Michael discovered his aunt’s Stella guitar when he was 13 years old and from there grew an unshakeable love and appreciation of music.

When young Michael wasn't teaching himself how to play music, he hand wired anything and everything: pick-ups, intonated guitars, hot-rodded amps, and speaker cabinets. That intrigue into the mechanics of everything seeped into his musical education. He became fascinated with song structure, harmony, acoustics, and sound reinforcement. He studied a variety of genres to include metal, hard rock, alternative, reggae, funk, and bluegrass which has helped define his unique and eclectic style.

Music is his career. Michael has spent over 35 years in recording studios and performed in orchestra pits and on stages. The man has jammed with James Brown's band in a Malibu club in the 1980s and received valuable life and musical advice from Larry Wilkins, Vinny Appice, and Ronnie James Dio.

Michael’s favorite influencers are those who push the limits of what the audience expects from a guitar like Adrian Legg and Don Ross. He also lists phenomenal bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Cars, The Police, U2, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Foo Fighters as major influencers. Finally, Michael can recall and play just about any song at a moment's notice. Seriously, try to stump him.

Lead guitarist, witty banterist, hand castanet master

Dave White

Old Town Tonic's keyboardist, Dave White, loves playing the piano. He hates piano lessons though. After taking lessons for four years, young White found them to be too formulaic and wanted to play music he actually enjoyed.* The 14-year-old pianist struck a deal with his parents: if he won the state's junior classical competition he could quit taking lessons. He won.


Far from quitting music though, White continued playing the piano and keyboard. The Ohio native built upon the predominant country and bluegrass influences he heard in town with jazz records his parents played in the house. Eventually he infused that foundation with soul and funk from R&B radio stations, his favorite Bruce Hornsby tunes, and Bruce Springsteen's early albums. The result? Genre knowledge that makes for a well-rounded keyboardist playing unexpected melodies.


White played in bands while serving and eventually retiring from the Navy. He's been influenced by the regional cultures of where he lived like the unmistakable grooves of New Orleans. In the span of 35 years White has played in numerous bands to include a German regional R&B band and a contemporary jazz band in San Diego. Now he's playing with OTT and we couldn't be more excited.


*In hindsight White acknowledges the lessons provided essential building blocks—stay in school, kids!

Keyboardist, opportunist, maverick

Nathan McCartney

Nathan McCartney was born and raised on Whidbey Island, WA. Inspired by music from a young age, the guitarist can play a variety of instruments to include bass, trombone, tin whistle, Irish bodhran, and the harmonica. He specializes in unexpected harmonies that will make you stop and listen. Even with all his musical talent, McCartney's real passion is music theory. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, working by day as a children's theater and guitar instructor, but lets loose at night as an artistic theatrical performer.

McCartney's wide range of musical talent and skill reflects the diversity of his main musical influences: the energy of Great Big Sea, but also the powerfully dramatic work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the soulful voice of Louie Armstrong along with the heartfelt lyrics of Paul Simon. McCartney also credits Alan Doyle, Rush, Morphine, The Beards, Phil Keaggy, Carcass, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dream Theater, John Williams, The Ocarina of Time, and musical theater with helping form his musical tastes and inspirations.


When he's not playing music, writing lyrics, or listening to his favorites, you'll find McCartney watching classic black and white movies, partaking in disruptive humor (in the nicest way possible), or having honest conversations with kind people.

Former Guitarist, singer/songwriter, man ponytail and beard aficionado

Wayne D. Mooney

A recent addition to the band, Wayne Mooney, brings a certain balance and completion to the

music. Born into a musical family in Anacortes, music played a central role in Mooney's life for

as long as he could remember. His mother, a jazz vocalist, and his father, a jazz trumpeter,

raised a family of music loving children.

Mooney began playing piano when he was 7 years old, then graduated to teaching himself how

to play guitar at 13. Today he can play most string instruments and has a decisive ear that picks

out subtle harmonies and chord structures. His original songs can be described as smooth

alternative rock with hints of the blues.

Credits for Mooney's love of music and first musical influences belong to his family. His parents

brought rhythm and sound into their home, spurring all their children to pick up instruments and

sing. Outside his immediate family, Mooney considers John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and

Jordan Rudess, the expert keyboardist of Dream Theater, to have shaped his musical talents.

The musician enjoys nerding out in his free time, specifically with anything related to The Lord of

the Rings. He also is proudly taking on the role of father to his newborn daughter. She's taken

over his life in the best way possible.

Former Keyboardist, songwriter, self-described nerd

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